Replicate Success of the Most Successful

Reviewed a potential plan for a Maryland teacher. Now let’s do another for a Georgia teacher.

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Start with Minimum Wage

Everybody in the nation’s capital gets paid at least $12.50 hourly for their time?

That’s at least a quarter million dollars in savings after 10 years (by age 28?) working at least a full time job PLUS compounded interest from investing 100% of wages successfully in tax deferred accounts.

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Don’t Be Average

The average annualized ‘stock market’ return of large companies listed in the S&P 500 is about 11.6% from 1973 through 2016.
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Where Health and Wealth Gaps Are Widest

We present all the States ranked by the racial gap in health and wealth — where to find greed amidst despair.

Study behavior and policy for locations at the top and bottom of the list to identity best practices for reducing socioeconomic disparities.
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A New Spin on MBK Programs

MBK programs were started during the last Presidential administration. Many focus on engaging an active volunteer base in local communities.

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