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The Distraction of the Wealth Tax

Wealth taxes are a hot topic today. Continue reading “The Distraction of the Wealth Tax”

Curbing Disparities in Homicide

An 11 year old child was murdered by a deranged and delusional adult in DC. Continue reading “Curbing Disparities in Homicide”

The World Is Watching

Two different countries, 3 years apart, offering very uncomfortable public discourse, hurled towards America. Continue reading “The World Is Watching”

Eliminate Health Disparities, to Resolve Economic Disparities

Each person generally must be able to manage their own health and wealth. Continue reading “Eliminate Health Disparities, to Resolve Economic Disparities”

High Income Status Is Typically Short-lived

WSJ highlights a good study out of economic teams at Washington University and Cornell. Continue reading “High Income Status Is Typically Short-lived”