Teachers Encourage Learning

When talking with people about pH14 plan and reviewing the philosophic perspectives behind economic development and the potential accessible through good investments, the most common question received is almost predictably, “Are you doing this???”.

These questions likely don’t come from any genuine skepticism about the markets, inasmuch as they’re derived from a natural proclivity to find safety in the herd.

This instinct has been a protective trait, passed down to us from millennia of generations who have come before us.

But in the information age, watching only those who we can see, might allow us to miss out on what’s actually happening in the world.

The Danger of Confirming with Friends

Fortunately, this information age in which we live provides us with easy access to information to which our previous generations simply didn’t have access.

Following Dreams vs The Data

Admittedly… Like most teachers and the best professors, what we spend most of our time doing, is studying and teaching.

And admittedly, what we’re encouraging all our friends to do is also to study, at minimum.

Being super clear here, pH14 plan is not encouraging anyone to buy any financial instruments. No financial advice here.

As a teacher, we encourage people to learn.

Just because a 3rd grade teacher is leading a lesson on how to calculate the cost of a bushel of apples, isn’t meant to be construed as financial or health advice to go out immediately and purchase a bucket of apples, much less eat all the apples.

Instead, the value of the lesson is that the students learn the math. The student learns how to structure a transaction. It would be irrelevant to ask Mrs Smith, “but have YOU ever bought a bushel of apples???” What she eats, doesn’t discount the math lesson.

Or taking a physics course, and the professor teaches the math of being a rocket scientist. No student would discount the lesson by saying, “but but but, have YOU gone to the moon????”

It just doesn’t make any sense, and frankly is unusual for this to happen. It’s obvious the physics professor isn’t an astronaut, or else he’d be out in space ‘astronauting’ or doing whatever people do on spaceships…

Fact is, yes, we’re also learning.

We’re encouraging friends to do exactly what we are doing…
Doing research.
Thinking about economic development.

We encourage people to do what we are doing…
We encourage our families to think about economic development program management and how to personally challenge ourselves to underwrite the costs in a scalable way, to reduce the historically stagnant racial wealth disparities.

There’s no hypocrisy here.

Sure, the greatest students become rockstar players.

Coaches vs Players

But some might argue that the greatest students become teachers and coaches.

For now, pH14 plan is strongly encouraging people from economically disadvantaged families to at minimum study and learn about economic development program planning, investing money and time wisely, and how to sustainably and safely sponsor others to do the same.

Financial instruments like leveraged ETFs and “options” are just tools, like a hammer used to build a house. Whether or not people choose to use the tool of leverage depends on each person and their goals.

For sure, in a country that has historically availed LESS financial capital to people from certain racial groups, requires at minimum, creative thinking, on how to close the financial gaps. Keep in mind, there’s a 100% gap in per-capita income by race that stands, today.


It’s the duty and responsibility of each of us, to at minimum, be thinking about how we can personally work and inspire ourselves to close these gaps.

Everyone will have different goals – which is their prerogative and personal business.

Instead of digging too deeply into people’s personal affairs, our job currently is just to share with a select cohort the accessible tools they can use if desired.

How we respectively choose to use the tools becomes a very personal decision. For now, we’re making a cohort of colleagues aware of the potential.

Whether or not we attain our fullest potential comes down to an individual choice of how to use the education.

Per goals, ours is only to personally sponsor economic development programs. And… We only want to stimulate interest and ambitions among a small cohort of colleagues to do the same thing.

Take it at face value. It’s education, simply. What someone chooses to do with their education is a personal independent decision.

If seeking financial advice, go hire a financial advisor.
If seeking education, go hire a teacher.
If seeking to adopt a philosophic perspective on economic development program planning, go buy pH14 plan.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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