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The highest courts have handed in their opinion on one of the most significant civil rights cases we will see in our lifetimes.

Supreme Court, In Unanimous Decision, Says Byron Allen Must Meet Higher Threshold To Continue Racial Bias Case Against Comcast — Update

This is an ongoing discussion.

What to Do When Denied for Years

It certainly doesn’t end today.

Some consider this a loss. If so, a loss is also very informative.

It provides clear action items, either way.

They ruled that economically disadvantaged families must prove that race is the only factor that obstructs access to economic opportunities if there’s a complaint regarding racial discrimination.

So if decision making authorities don’t like one ethnicity and choose to obstruct economic opportunity based on this racial preference, that’s still illegal.

But if decision making authorities restrict economically disadvantaged families from economic opportunities because of their, for example, products/services AND their ethnicity, this is ‘ok’ in the eyes of the highest courts.

This is not a loss.

People still don’t have all the details of the Byron Allen case. When he returns to the lower court, his team might still be able to show that any other reasons for why Comcast obstructed him from economic opportunities were arbitrary capricious and whimsical.

For example…

Saying that his TV shows are low quality could be the non racial reason.

But if he proves that he has received more industry awards than those who have already been approved, then it bolsters the premise that they only obstructed him due to race, at least until another frivolous reason is concocted.

Frankly, if requesting $20 billion, he needs to prove that everything else was squeaky clean and tight. The shortcut would have been nice. But it didn’t work.

The takeaway here is, pursue big goals because that’s the only way to correct the adverse effects of monetary policy.

How Money Supply and Its Distribution Promotes Wealth Inequality

But approach decision making authorities with a clean record, and past performance as strong as or stronger than the incumbents.

And when economically disadvantaged people get blocked from economic opportunities, show prove and tell the world the truth….
… that the only box left unchecked, was to have a preferred heritage or what the Federal Reserve economists call ‘inherited demographic characteristics’.

Pursue big dreams.

A hundred thousand dollar deals.

A hundred million dollar deals.

Qualify, for a hundred billion dollar deals.

Take the Company Public

Then, if economically disadvantaged, anticipate hardship and have the attorneys on deck.

That said, wildly chasing dreams without some economic cushion is highly ill-advised.

Following Dreams vs The Data

Achieve financial freedom, first.

Freedom, to Pursue Justice

After financial freedom, can afford to hire attorneys and tell them that the only reason why economically disadvantaged American families were obstructed from economic opportunities was because of their heritage and ethnicity.

Also, as an aside, realize and recognize that this goes both ways… Now it will be more difficult for the economically advantaged to allege reverse discrimination.

Fortunately these aren’t new discussions. There’s so much precedence.

Some families and local communities have been dealing with this, for the last 70+ years…

See the case summary of Burton Johnson.

He became the first black fire chief in DC.

Then his opponents sued him for reverse discrimination when he selected to train black firemen as his replacement.

He won.

Because he won, his money was directly and indirectly pivotal in covering living costs of others in his family through their childhood. He chose this admirable path of sponsoring others.

Community-driven Economic Development

More importantly… because he won, his family and community held up to their children VALUES that in this country, there is justice ‘if you stay clean and pursue big goals’.

His experience and story should serve as an inspiration to what’s possible.

How DC Kids Thrive, Amidst Greed

Some of us were raised by a family like this, who taught their children these lessons and values.

It shapes our American perspective and daily activities.


Chase big deals, but be clean, have a superior performance review, and be prepared to lawyer up.

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