Stock Market Screens and Filters

pH14 Plan staff are building and backtesting filters and screens that send out an emailed alert when historical patterns appear.

Check out the 2017 results of those filters and the emailed alerts

Filter Results: Over 30% Median Gains at 1 Month

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In the past year, 100% of the 5 results of this single filter, have been profitable within 1 month. A set of alerts in May, and a couple in Sept.

Max draw down reported at -0.17%. Median gains within a month, > 30%.

Obviously past performance isn’t indicative of future results. You can lose all your money in the stock market, and our investment objective may not be your objectives.

But we’re delighted to see that the methodologies and strategies we have developed might help to manage the inherent risk associated with investing.

Filter Results: Less Than 1% Drawdown within First Month

Don’t want to see so many alerts? No problem. We’ve constructed filters and screens that display less frequently in the past year.

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In the past year, this filter displayed an alert only twice, and both produced gains over 20% within a month, with negligible drawdowns. One in April, another in August.

Results: Eleven Gains and Zero Losses at 1 Month

What if you wanted to see potentially a higher volume of alerts throughout the year, here are the results of a 3rd filter we built.

  • Max draw down of 2%.
  • Highest 1 month ROI of 45%.
  • Gains = 11
  • Loss = 0

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