Value of Business Partnership

Successful enterprises that stand the test of time are often the result of two people – where one side takes on risk to create something for the other, in exchange for ownership in the profits of the resultant product.

This is the fundamental essence of investing. The investor puts up their capital – be it human capital or financial capital – in exchange for a portion of the future profits.

Here’s one business example worth highlighting and celebrating, in the nation’s capital.

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Most Are Not Smart Enough for College

“More than half” of economic success comes from inheritances, to include inherited traits and inherited cash.
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The Viability of ‘Your Own Bootstraps’

There’s a national debate in classrooms, courtrooms, at policy conferences, and at kitchen tables about what to do with economic disadvantaged American people, if anything at all.

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Don’t Fall Victim to Federal Efforts to Raise Unemployment

The Federal Reserve may begin taking measures to raise unemployment.

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Sponsor Economic Development AMIDST Bias

Economists and journalists alike, are having a field day playing with the data on wealth disparities.

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