Oil Crashes and Spikes

Oil crashed in the last couple months.

Dropped over 60% – in a couple months…


This is the inherent nature of oil, historically.

It tends to crash and spike much more than any other major asset classes.

But some people were able to structure investments for themselves to gain significantly.


Here’s an options contract that ran hard…

From 10 cents per contact
To five dollars.

30x move in a couple months.

Built an alert intended to catch this type of price action that was visible in early 2020. Start with it as a base, and work to improve on it, to ideally be alerted when similar patterns display.

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Alerts and Scans

Alerts and scans are constructed to ideally ‘characterize’ and recognize patterns in price action, to exploit the pattern prospectively when / if it re-appears.

This is why best case scenarios are identified.

Finding “The Next TSLA”

These past runs create perfect models to study, and identify what to look for in future markets.

Finding “The Next NVDA”

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Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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