Economic disparities have long existed in America and they persist today. The largest disparities are evident by race, per the 41-to-1 gap in median household wealth.

This is larger than the gaps in rural vs urban wealth, high school vs college graduate wealth gap, married vs single, male vs female wealth, gaps in wealth by religion, or many other major socioeconomically relevant demographic split of American households. The only larger wealth gap, is by homeownership, which itself was largely fueled by racial disparities in who benefitted from historical financing structures (eg, from FHA, HOLC, VA).

While imbalances and inequity naturally occur, the magnitude of American racial disparities are notable and certainly not mediated through nature or ‘natural causes’. Instead, these disparities are broadly mediated through ‘man made’ policies implemented across U.S. history to reward some and economically penalize others.

Numerous Federal government regulations encourage economic development programs to reduce wealth disparities, starting with CFR 124.104 that defines who is economically disadvantaged. Even the Holy Bible describes a “perfect” model for economic development, in Matthew 19:21.

You can personally develop and sponsor programs based on these regulations. pH14 Plan provides a review of best practices for economic development.

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