pH14 Investment Plan is an online curriculum reviewing how each of us may participate in a national economic development plan to improve outcomes of low income+low wealth Americans.

pH14 Plan Members have access to hundreds of blog articles, access videos that condense and review the salient points, and are encouraged to practice skills we teach in no-risk  simulated environments.

Technical Analysis Strategies

There are 75M 401k accounts, 20M people with IRA accounts, and 17M brokerage accounts in the United States. pH14 Plan provides historical analysis of stock market patterns, especially studying what happens at major turns in the markets. pH14 Plan staff compare those historical patterns to the patterns in prices that we see today.

pH14 Plan staff build and backtest stock market screens, filters, and algorithms to support these historical comparisons. Members have access to several filters, screens, and algorithms that pH14 Plan staff have constructed and backtested. It will be easiest for us to share these and other resources with you, by you initiating the registration process. Periodic updates may be made, and members are given access to all of those updates throughout the year. The email alert service is priced separately – just request if needed.

On login, you’ll see video lectures on the homepage so you can learn various methodologies we review at your own pace. You can see all the third-party resources that we use. Members use these strategies and resources to improve upon this base and create their own investment strategies with their professional financial advisers.

Philanthropic Investment Strategy

Significant sociological gaps exist in the ability to capture economic opportunity. In an effort to close these gaps, the US Code of Federal Regulations in CFR 124.104 created a definition for who is an “economically disadvantaged” person.

pH14 Plan staff review and critique economic development models that have been used successfully through global history, as highlighted in Matthew 19 :21.

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