There’s a statistically and sociologically significant wealth and income gap that exists in the United States by race.

White Americans (84M households) have the highest median wealth in the United States, of all major ethnic groups in the United States. Therefore, in an effort to close the gap, the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 124.104) created a definition for who is an “economically disadvantaged” person. Generally, they are an American who is non- white, and has low income, low assets, and low net worth.

Of all major non-white ethnic groups in this country…

  • Black Americans (15M households) have the lowest median household wealth and income – 68 times less than median white household – and are presently at highest risk of being economically disadvantaged and have the lowest odds of reaching the symbolic ‘millionaire’ status.
  • Asian Americans (6M households) have the highest median household income – higher than white Americans – and have 10 times greater odds of becoming a millionaire than Black Americans.

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