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Oil Crashes and Spikes

Oil crashed in the last couple months.
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Trend Analysis, in Global Crisis

This COVID-19 crisis has brought with it, palpable levels of fear, globally. Continue reading “Trend Analysis, in Global Crisis”

Tools, Built for the Economic Development Professional

Economic development requires a community-based willingness to secure income and invest it into above average assets and sectors with leverage, then structure and engage programmatic methodologies to give it all away to low income, low wealth people from economically disadvantaged families so they can do the same.

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Being 160 Years Behind, and Catching Up

Black Americans today have AS MUCH WEALTH as the typical Southern household in 1860. Continue reading “Being 160 Years Behind, and Catching Up”

Focus on the Fed

Much attention is put on what the executive branch and legislative branch can do to reduce the largest economic disparities. Continue reading “Focus on the Fed”