The Pandemic Ends with a Call for Compassion

The ‘loss of taste’ symptom popped hard in March 2020.
Then after the George Floyd rallies.
And is popping hard again now.

None of which was an issue until Covid19, vs the symptom in last years.

This latest surge is emblematic that the fight is not completely over yet.

Definitely continue to take precautions.

But there’s evidence that we’re getting near the end of this pandemic’s lifecycle. Here’s why:

Back in March 2020, the pandemic was centered in NYC area.

Now, it appears to be merely making its way across the country – – see the upper midwest.

There is no credible evidence that a round II is coming to NYC (or anywhere else for that matter).

Gives reason to believe THIS is the final ‘sweep’ for Covid 19.

But be vigilant during the 2021 flu season, coming.

It typically spikes in first week of February (not late March like Covid19 did).

Dry coughs were moreso aligned with Covid (uniquely March 2020) than the flu (first week of Feb in all past years).

So unless we see dry cough’s pop hard again (not associated with the expected Feb flu spike)…
With loss of taste…
Re-emerging in places like NYC and DC…
THEN it is likely another positive sign that the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

This is much needed news for America, as Covid-19 has had devastating impacts on some American families lives more than others.

COVID Mortality Rates Expose Historic Disparities

Banks can always ‘make’ more money.

Focus on the Fed

23% of all Dollars were created in the last year?

But lives lost, will NEVER be replaced. As such, we value LIVES more than ‘money’.

Indeed, some demographics of families’ lives have been at higher risk of historic economic oppression in this country across generations, and never get to collect the great wealth transfer associated with being America’s historically favored caste.

High Income Status Is Typically Short-lived

These wealth transfers only become needed and essential for survival when chaos and calamity inevitably hits our homes.

Chaoticians and Cliodynamics: Academic Disciplines to Assess Historical Inequity

In absence of these wealth transfers, some families were disproportionately required to work through the pandemic, in absence of the wealth to afford stepping away from the workplace.

In effect, multi-generational economic deprivation, in effect, placed some American families at higher risk of mortality especially THIS year, as they took the virus home with them from work and lost family members, while others had a cushion of household wealth from which to pull while staying home to survive times of national economic crisis.

This herein becomes a wonderful opportunity for wealthy class families to identify and sponsor working class families who have been at highest risk of mortality during the 2020 pandemic.

Middle Class, Wealthy Class, and the Working Class

Compassion for others, becomes the immediate national call to action, as we’re nearing the end of the pandemic.

It’s too easy, to vote to extend privilege and little longer,

Vivek Ramaswamy: Affirmative action should focus on economics, not race

It’s too easy, to endorse and support candidates who aim to reduce the raw number of people who are in effect owed royalties for early investments into building this great nation.

Royalties for Royalty

But without LOVE, we are nothing.

Take the opportunity to make a ‘form a more perfect Union’.

How to Be Perfect

Compassion for others, becomes the immediate national call to action, as we’re nearing the end of the pandemic.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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