Smart Kids Are Increasingly Dropping College

Even among gifted college classmates at top schools, the graduation rates diverge by family wealth status.

[Support & Applaud] Businesses with Diverse Management

Household spending for living expenses can be purposefully directed to reward large businesses who employ the largest number of managers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and create an incentive for other businesses to diversify their management.

Author’s Resume

May 12, 2012-Present, INDEPENDENT SCIENTIST, MBO Partners, Inc. Full time, 40+ hours/week In this role, I evaluate, develop, and manage programs, policies, and products for businesses and government agencies with a focus on health and wealth disparities. Key Accomplishment: I’ve developed products and projects valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, to improve the … Continue reading “Author’s Resume”

Are You Tyler Perry?

Jesus asked “Who do you say that I am” in Mark 8:29.

Psychological Implications of Taxation

City leaders across the U.S. are wrestling with how to manage rising homelessness and poverty.