The World Is Watching

Two different countries, 3 years apart, offering very uncomfortable public discourse, hurled towards America.

First the Philippines, and now China…

Same underlying story – just a different country, 3 years later.

Between the two, the broader context is the same: The world is watching how America (i.e., govt’s, large corporate groups, and wealthy families) treats its citizens from historically disadvantaged American families.

If things don’t improve domestically for these disproportionately downtrodden American families with parity to the racial majority, then there are evidently and apparently unaffordable international consequences that disrupt America’s diplomatic relations.

It’s awfully reminiscent of something similar, documented to have happened in Orlando. Recall a few years ago, how a very bad person suggested that some American families ‘have already been through so much’.

Apparently, the world has sympathy for the hardship some American families are more likely to face in this country.

Simultaneously, people globally are using American misbehavior to justify their own misbehaviors, and are consistently pointing to the continued mistreatment of some American families, per glaring disparities in criminal justice, access to economic opportunity, and human rights.

Notably… of places in the whole wide world that could have been highlighted, the Chinese diplomat was particularly astute to highlight the disparities within the 68.34 square miles of DC.

The Humanitarian Crisis at the Border (of the Gallery Place Metro Station)

Racial discrimination is measurably worse in DC than any where else in the country.

Where Health and Wealth Gaps Are Widest

An 8:1 gap in unemployment by race in DC area?

Yet, amidst all the prosperity of the national capital region, hiring managers and program managers somehow can’t figure out how to overcome their historic bias and get economic opportunity to historically oppressed racial groups of American applicants…

Well, folks, the world is watching.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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