Impact of Greed on Crime and Real Estate

Crime rates.

Real estate prices.

Jobless gap by race.

These are each connected.

New York is doing better than DC and Illinois in closing gaps.

Where Health and Wealth Gaps Are Widest

Sure enough, as a result, DC crime and Illinois crime rates are going through the roof.

40% jump in murder rate in DC?

While NY crime rates are at all time lows.

The explanation for this is really quite simple, and logical. People who are working aren’t committing crimes.

This has nothing to do with the success or failure of local law enforcement.

This phenomenon is wholly dependent upon measurable levels of community greed.

Global Greed Rising, Only 2nd Time in Recorded History

Philanthropic investments into low wealth families who have talent and skills lowers crime rates.

A New Spin on MBK Programs

Employed people then have cash to purchase nicer homes being remodeled by developer teams. This drives up the real estate property values.

Lower greed, more investment into employment for low wealth families, lower crime and higher real estate.

People who plan on a career in economic development may find a high return on investment on real estate by living in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, and commit to hire the broadest number of economically disadvantaged people using personal amassed wealth.

Have made accurate real estate forecasts in the past.

DC Real Estate – 500% Gains in 5 Years

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Conversely, the likelihood of any positive returns on the real estate investment go down if there are no plans to hire people from economically disadvantaged families, and in the sectors where they commonly work.

Sectors Employing the Most Economically Disadvantaged People

Of course, there is no requirement to live in the economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, to make an investment there.

Can live in Coral Gables or Bel Air, and still setup a business in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods to hire hundreds of people from economically disadvantaged families.

It might be productive for young families to capture enhanced savings from economically suppressed neighborhoods.

Places to Live for a Young Marriage

After maximized savings and investments for a decade, can move to live anywhere, with a personal commitment to reinvest back into the economically disadvantaged people who they left.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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