What Happens When 85% of Students Aren’t on Grade Level in Math

Research shows that high school has an incredible potential value.

College or High School: Which Has Greater Value?

But so very few take advantage of it.

Most young people aren’t taking advantage of high school.

Literally, across the country 75% aren’t at or above proficient levels of math out of high school?


In just one State highlighted in this report linked below, 65% to 85% of the 11th graders (again most) weren’t at or above grade level for English, math, or science.


In another state, there’s a gaping 400% gap by race in math scores.


Meanwhile, we push ‘most’ young people into costly higher education and college programs, with expectations that somehow the multitude of under performing graduates will figure out a way to climb out of their debt.

Most Are Not Smart Enough for College

…as if there’s no other option.

The “Only” Option After High School

It’s no wonder why the default rates are so high.

What To Do About Default Status

At a point, this becomes a predatory lending practice.

When Do Loan Offers Become Unscrupulous?

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Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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