Obama’s Investment Advice: A Record Breaking 277% ROI

President Obama was a God-send for economically disadvantaged people who simply listened to his corporate guidance and policy perspectives, and were willing to align their investments with the markets he favored.

This is in direct contrast with a recent report attributing the demise of economically disadvantaged people to certain policies his administration promoted.


The policies enacted during his Presidency most certainly enriched various sectors of the economy where many economically disadvantaged American households simply were not well invested.

However, the wealth gap has been widening since the Clinton administration in 1998.


We demonstrated and discussed sectors of the economy that gained during his administration, not unlike watching specific sectors during other Presidential administrations.

Can the President Affect the Stock Market?

If indeed various sectors gained significantly, then it is our responsibility to learn how to invest so that we can align our capital (ie, human, social, financial, political, etc) into those strong sectors!

How many times did Americans hear the words “Affordable Care Act”, or better yet “Obamacare” during his 8 years at the WH?

If he was clearly ecstatic for whatever reasons about the healthcare sector, did you take it upon yourself to learn how to protect your household’s hard earned gains, and align your investments with his interests?

Not only did the President tell us clearly every single year what sector he wanted to boost starting around 2010, he even ‘successfully’ made it a requirement for the 120M households to purchase health insurance or be penalized.

Did you align your investments with his Executive policies?

Members will see a chart of company that benefitted greatly from the Obama administration.

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And as if his policies and priorities weren’t somehow clear enough, he actually told us 3 days before the market bottom to ‘BUY STOCKS’.

His words “buying stocks is a good thing if you have a long-term perspective on it”. Presumably what he meant by “long-term” was 1 week!  Because within a month, investing in the ‘average’ stock would have turned a $10k investment into $12k – a quick 20% gain.

And holding on to that investment over the next 8 years, would provide a record smashing 277% gain on your investment. THANKS Obama!

The Jacobin article bemoans the perils of the real estate sector, and attempts to attribute the ups and downs of residential real estate to the 44th President.

Buying a house alone is not necessarily always a good investment. We have long shown and discussed this data. Instead, it helps to have a sense of timing.

DC Real Estate – 500% Gains in 5 Years

Sure, some of the policies he promoted were controversial, polarizing, and potentially harmful for some people.

But President Obama provided extremely clear instructions to guide investment decisions, supported by consistently pushing nearly every single year of his Presidency to boost one single sector of the economy, which together SHOULD have been used in American household investment planning.

Quick. Favor.  Grab a cardboard box you can drop off at the dumpster, to dump all those articles bashing Obama’s impact on household wealth.

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And if you missed the ‘Obama bull market’, the beauty of history, is that when it is recorded, we can study where mistakes were made and sit down with our family members to develop a plan on how they can avoid mistakes and mis-steps in the future.

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Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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