“Oh, But That’s Tax Deductible”

Those famous words, when someone gets exited about being able to buy a new car, or maxing out on their mortgage interest deduction, or taking friends out for dinner with hopes they’ll become business customers, or charitable giving…

Obama’s Investment Advice: A Record Breaking 277% ROI

President Obama was a God-send for economically disadvantaged people who simply listened to his corporate guidance and policy perspectives, and were willing to align their investments with the markets he favored.

Parental Influences on the Investor

Few millennials seek to learn how to invest in stock markets.

Will the Market Crash?

The most common question that market technicians get asked daily is, “will the market crash”. 

View the 2017 Performance of pH14 Plan Filter Results

The self-managed 401(k) is the most common retirement plan provided by the majority of American employers, and IRA for low-income households who seek additional retirement planning advantages.