How to Become a Doctor

The disparities are becoming so large, even very respectable people are now crafting satire to cope with the harsh realities.

These issues, however, are no laughing matter…

Nothing about having negative net worth of $500k+ at age 35+ is funny, when the wealth gap is 70:1 by race, per Wolff at NYU.

The industry of medical training only exacerbates these glaring economic disparities, by encouraging a “pipeline” of people knowing less than a 3rd get to the euphemistic finish line.

Knowing it’s not going to work out for more than two thirds of the pipeline, yet still there’s no risk disclosure being issued to make people aware of the risks PRIOR to embarking upon the 10 to 20 year journey.

Even restaurants who serve undercooked or unpasteurized food products openly post a risk disclosure visibly on the menu so elderly people, pregnant women, children, and those who are immune system compromised may be aware of the potential harm to which they’re exposed if choosing to consume undercooked food products.

Like people who might be harmed by undercooked foods, economically disadvantaged people similarly have been and are being encouraged to expose themselves to financial risks by embarking upon unaffordable higher education, all while not being shown any of the known risks.

These are issues being affirmed by numerous people who are coming out of the libraries after sitting there for 10 to 20 years living on federal government loans, now realizing that maybe the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

The ‘Doctor-Lawyer’ vs Their Secretary

Certainly, if on the latter side of the training, be smart about how to manage the debt and identify best practices, if they exist.

High Student Loan Debt Management

But consider, strongly, alternative methodologies to reach lofty goals.

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Our families need good clinicians and scientists.

There is an abundance of data that shows the differences in health outcomes and the impact of clinician ethnicity.

But there’s a better way to get there.

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