Assess Corporate Ethics Using Real Data

A gentleman likely from an economically disadvantaged family recently aimed to cash his check in a township outside of Cleveland.

The bank employee called the police with allegations of fraud. He was soon arrested, handcuffed, and put into a police car. Now the bank is apologizing for their error.

“It was highly embarrassing”, he said.

Before doing any business, always check first which local / national employers in that sector hire the largest number of economically disadvantaged families.

[Support & Applaud] Businesses with Diverse Management

We can quickly see which Ohio businesses in the banking and financial services sectors have likely hired the larger numbers of people from economically disadvantaged families. They are likely: JPMorgan Chase & Co. then KeyBank, then Huntington National Bank, Chase, and Fifth Third Bank.

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Unless there’s a small local business owned by someone from an economically disadvantaged family who offers comparable products and services, strive to do business with large companies who show evidence of having hired the largest number of people from economically disadvantaged families. This prerequisite should be no more important for anyone, than customers who come from economically disadvantaged families who are more likely to become victims of illegal profiling efforts.

Greed is soaring to new breakout levels.

Global Greed Rising, Only 2nd Time in Recorded History

Until measurable levels of greed ‘peak’, expect to see a rise in this kind of foolishness.

One of the best ways to curb the underlying social trend supporting these injustices and delinquent behaviors is to personally commit to support and reward the businesses who hire the larger number of professionals from economically disadvantaged families.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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