Easy Economic Development Program for a Church

Student debt levels are higher than ever before, and there’s a 400% disparity by race in default rates.

When people do get jobs, it is increasingly insufficient to afford housing. This requires that many find alternative places to sleep.  The proportion of people interested in sleeping in their cars is reaching all time high levels.

Places to Live for a Young Marriage

And the number of people who are interested in homeless shelters across the United States is also reaching all time levels.

Now is your time, to think of how you can sponsor and produce an economic development program. Any single individual person or any leader of a local community organization can run their own economic development program.

Local non-profits are often uniquely structured to provide services to help economically disadvantaged people.

Expenditures of Nonprofits Serving Economically Disadvantaged People

We review with members a proposed program for a community organization leader, such as a local church pastor.
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Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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