Retirement Planning Has a Problem: Stigma

When you think about retirement planning, who do you see?

When we think of the words “retirement planning” most people think about elderly people.

When most people are asked about their retirement planning, most will quickly change the subject because the mere thought and connotation of retirement planning, is that it’s an activity for senior citizens.

Imagine trying to have a robust discussion on nursing home care planning or planning for purchasing incontinence supplies with a young person at high school graduation.

Expect to “talk to the hand” and get a major eye roll.

Indeed, most people will choose to retire and don’t reduce the amount of time working until much later years.

And rightly so.  As long as there are big national and international problems to solve, young people should be working, not retiring.

Retirement planning, however, is most certainly not an activity for elderly people.

By time we’re in our elderly years, it’s far too late to be thinking about retirement planning.

Retirement planning is a young person’s game. It’s an activity that most people, if they intend to be good at it, must be spending more of their younger years thinking about the topic and actually DOING it.

Retirement planning is what young people do. Retirement, is what old people hope to do.

In fact, the only people who get to truly enjoy their retirement, are those who dedicated time and effort and planned for it in younger years.

Meanwhile, most elderly people don’t want to talk about retirement planning because they know how grossly under prepared they are for retirement.

And most young people don’t want to talk about it because the topic has a stigma that it’s something for old people, and not for them.

Retirement planning needs a new face.

Retirement planning needs a new reputation.

When you think about retirement planning, think about a young American worker. In fact, the younger, the better.

Conversely, when you think about a young person, think to discuss with them the importance of retirement planning.

Do you mentor and teach young people?

Guide them to learn and use best practices and techniques earlier in life.

Starting today, change the face of retirement planning from an elderly person to a young person.

Remove the stigma of retirement planning.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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