Looking to Roll over Capital Gains Tax Free?

Tucked Into the Tax Bill, a Plan to Help Distressed America https://nyti.ms/2DXMlFE

Why would anyone want to be a philanthropic investor?

The answer, has nothing to do with taxes.

The answer is, to stimulate productivity among groups of American people who have been left out, using excess cash neither you nor your heirs can use in their lifetime.

But for the few who want a tax benefit… This might allow for billions to be transferred to highly productive low wealth low income people, from the sale of assets that have appreciated in value, that would otherwise be taxed upon liquidation.

A scenario… Sell $100m of your shares.

Make 100 long term Investments at $1m each to productive guys who need the money in specially designated geographic areas.

Mentor them and help them to grow their business.
1, no taxes on the $100m sale
2, no taxes on the profits gained from  the 100 Investments.

Obviously confirm with a tax law professional.

Still, This is big. BIG…

For people who love investing, but hate how taxes may stifle further Investments.

For people who love mentoring, but hate when and where it falls short.

Mentoring Works (until it doesn’t)

Imagine investing making an investment of time and money into the next Larry and Sergey with no taxes on long term profits?

Are you looking for people with high value skills, in economically disadvantaged communities?

Contact us, and we can help you find them.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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