Why Doesn’t Everybody Do It?

A common question we get is, “If it’s so possible to attain a high net worth in America using stock market investing, why aren’t more people doing it?

Certainly there are SOME people who achieve financial success in publicly traded markets, but why don’t MORE PEOPLE achieve financial success in publicly traded markets?

This is a question that we’re wrestling with too, on a daily basis.

It is likely that more people do not engage aggressive financial plans because they do not have the education, mentorship, nor interests in attaining these financial goals.

This is much like personal health and fitness.

The Adventist Health Studies reveal clear and realistic plans on how to shift your nutrition to achieve healthy outcomes. Still, MOST PEOPLE don’t have the education, mentorship, or interests to achieve these goals.

Bodybuilder magazines are available for purchase in every grocery store in America. However, “more people” don’t look like a bodybuilder probably because they don’t have the education, mentoring, or interests in attaining such goals for their physical fitness.

“Most people” make decisions in hopes of honoring their parents. Obedient children will simply do what their parents and broader community advise them to do, notwithstanding whether or not the guidance was based upon a probable mathematical model.

For example, most students today are being encouraged to attend college. This encouragement is reiterated in the public school systems, in religious communities, on mass media… Conversely, people who choose to not attend college, despite it being unaffordable for their family, are harshly criticized and derided.

Often times, our interests are only a reflection of the mentorship we received, and the knowledge level or education of our advisors.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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