Laws of Thermodynamics Teach Us to Plan for Disorder

Any scientist will know that disorder is normal and natural.

Therefore, we should naturally expect and plan our time investments and monetary investments for these natural fluctuations in measurable levels of disorder exhibited in society.

Disorder, is natural and should be expected.

We have seen how disorder has peaked in periods within American history.¬†We have witnessed disorder as humanitarian crises escalate, followed by surging national levels of guilt, followed by ‘peak philanthropy’, followed by civil wars.

“Peak Philanthropy” and Other Contributors to the Great Migration

These are natural pathologies that show up as the energy to sustain order wanes.

We can only hope and have an optimistic expectation that this fuller path and pathology – which is dependent on unhealthy levels of guilt leading up to internal conflict and even war – is not going to be necessary to substantiate philanthropic re-investment. We are seeking a much more ideal scenario, to see within our lifetimes ‘peak philanthropy’ ABSENT of the predecessory peak levels of humanitarian crises and guilt and conflict.

The major tax legislation enacted recently has been reported to favor corporate profits, decrease tax penalties on inheritances, and reduce the ‘safety net’ of benefits and social services to the poor.

Notes on Tax Reform, 2017

Critics of the law will decry that it is harmful to reduce benefits and the ‘safety net’ of social services from the poor, and will lead to a domestic humanitarian crisis. Proponents of the bill might argue that the energy (ie, cash) necessary to sustain the order (ie, ‘safety net’) is in low supply and creates a more harmful cycle of dependency on government.

At its basis, we find that this is a national debate on little more than the science of thermodynamics.

Why globally do we see through history these conflicts, and retracements back to the disorder, with civil disputes and even civil wars between large groups of people who live together in a country or a region of the world?

From the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar.

To the constant fighting in the MENA region.

If you have interest in studying the nature of humanitarian crises – their causes and effects – study entropy, the science of measuring disorder.

Studying the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics enables us to understand how much work it takes to overcome these natural states of disorder in chemical, biological, and physical systems, and that the amount of energy may eventually be limited and insufficient to overcome the natural result, that being disorder.

Expect disorder. Plan for disorder.

Plan your time investments and financial investments accordingly.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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