Investing in Two Companies Over Last 35 years = $139M

If you had invested $18k yearly into these 2 companies over the last 35 years, today you would have $139 million dollars.

Those two companies, are Coca Cola and Apple.

$18k is the maximum most US employees may invest into their 401k.

People who invested all of that $18k yearly into Coca Cola for 20 years starting in 1982 would have generated about $5M.

People who then invested that $5M into Apple starting around 2004 for the next 12 years would have $139M today.

Again, only Two stellar companies and a minimum income to afford living expenses, taxes, plus $18k within your retirement account were needed to pull this off…

– The first 20 years of $18k / year investments into one company.

– The next 12 years of investing everything from the first 20 years, into the second company.

How to find the next Coca Cola and Apple, over the next 35 years?

If you’re under 35 years old (you plan to be around for the next 35 years)  and from a low wealth family (won’t inherit $1M+), then you need to be thinking about how to find the next Coca Cola and Apple, TODAY and be thinking about it every year for the next 30+ years.

pH14 Plan reviews different strategies to find the companies today that may have similar characteristics to what Coca Cola and Apple have looked like over the past 35 years.

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Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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