NO RISK of Job Loss with More Automation

There have been concerns that too much technology will reduce the number of jobs available.

We’ve discussed Andy B’s contribution to Page and Brin. Meet Andy’s good friend David Cheriton, who shared in 2012 insightful thoughts and commentary on what the future looks like, for technology.

Even with continued advancements in technology, we see only more needs for PEOPLE to work, even amidst more ‘automation’.

Here’s why…

1 – Because high net worth people will constantly be looking to invest into PEOPLE, who are poor and talented. This alone is our #1 thesis in the pH14 Plan.

David comments…

“It was on his front porch in 1998 that Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim met with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both then Stanford students, and wrote the first check to Google. Cheriton, to his good fortune, matched the contribution.”

2   – Because even the best companies will have competition from people who want to and CAN out-compete.

““I think innovation is a little overrated,” he said. “It’s all about execution.” At Google, execution makes it hard for any competitor to mount a frontal search engine assault.”

3 – Because old systems and processes are often built fast to quickly get a product to market, and re-engineering can make things better and more efficient.

“This stack was built rapidly, and “there’s a big opportunity to (go back and) build better infrastructure,” he says. “We don’t have to go to the next level,” or layer.”

4 – Because many old established companies, still have outdated technologies. PEOPLE will need to be available to update those technologies, and constantly, over the next 200 years.

“Software development models are the same ones used 30 years ago, for instance, with the top 25 programming errors largely unchanged, he says. Processor utilization in some applications remains inefficiently low. And networking quality has room for improvement.”

5 – Lastly from this single, nice article alone… b/c PEOPLE have things that computers will never have.
1) “Passion”.
2) “Sensibility” to be constantly aware of new products. And,
3) ability to build networks of “friends”.

“Today, entrepreneurs need three things, Cheriton advised. They need passion to overcome the ups and downs of a young company. They need the sensibility to understand how products fit into a market. And “they have to have the ability to build a friends network” stretching from board members to employees, he said.”

A quick five reasons, why there will always be jobs, even after software is driving processes.


Invest in people.

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Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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