Where Ethnicity Won’t Block Your Success


Nobody wants to be the victim of racism. But it happens every single day to so many of us.

We describe a market where the Investors can avoid any potential for being discriminated against because of the color of your skin.

Higher Black American wealth is blocked by lower household incomes.
  • There’s a 6700% difference in wealth by race in the US. The most significant gap is between Black and White Americans.
  • Median household annual income is lowest among Black Americans. The biggest gap between Black and Asian Americans.
Higher Black American income is blocked by higher unemployment.
  • If Black men do get actually get a paying job, it pays 30% below the total median.
  • So Black Americans have had the lowest odds of becoming a millionaire.
  • Employment discrimination compels Black college graduates to get more degrees.
  • Even with the added student debt, Black Americans still can’t improve their odds of becoming a millionaire.
  • An economically lethal combination of higher student loan debt PLUS lower employment rates cripple Black American highly-educated households.
  • Black households headed by someone with a college degree actually fare worse than Black American households with a college degree.
Higher Black American employment is blocked by mostly non-Black people who guard the nation’s wealth.
  • Most of the nation’s wealth is owned by wealthy families, government treasuries, and big businesses.
  • These entities have not made a collective decision to target investments into businesses owned by skilled Black Americans from low-income and low-wealth families.
  • Regarding Black American access to government monies…
    • About $100B in fed gov contracts were issued to small businesses. Opportunities for Black contractors to serve federal gov’t agencies and American taxpayers are too often blocked and denied.
  • Regarding Black American access to high net worth family monies…
    • While 10% of families hold 76% of the nation’s wealth, Black Americans have not been able to make a compelling argument nor an effective appeal to these families to convince wealthy families in America to deploy their capital to put skilled Black Americans to work to reverse the above disparities.
  • Regarding big businesses….
    • The top 1% of businesses now control over half the cash, and Black Americans largely do not own those big businesses, and are not hired as executives to make cash investments.

Economic opportunities have historically been blocked by a subjective race-based evaluation.

To gain access to most of America’s wealth held by these families, governments, and big businesses…

  • Black Americans must apply for employment, or
  • Submit a proposal for a contract, or
  • Submit a proposal to receive an investment into their business, or
  • Submit an application for a loan – home loan or business loan.

In most of these cases, the decision is subjective. The decision to engage someone is often subject to what the decision-maker wants to do.

Even in modern times, race and ethnicity consistently play a factor in your potential and ability to access financial capital and economic opportunity.

  • Employment discrimination by race has been illegal for 50+ years, but it still happens.
  • Discrimination by race is documented in the contracts and grants markets of competitive bid procurements in the last 10 years.
  • Access to investment capital has often been restricted for Black American owned businesses, such that Black Americans have been known to take a White actor with them to pitch venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.
  • Even access to modern day home loans has been ‘racialized’, where subprime mortgages were infamously provided to Black Americans through 2008 more than other ethnic groups.

Fortunately, a few platforms and places exist where your access to capital is not restricted by your ethnicity.

Race is not a factor in the stock market.

Today, you can trade the stock market and no stock broker will treat you differently because of your ethnicity.

A Black American’s 401k account is treated the same by online brokerages as a White American’s 401k account.

If you are asked your race or ethnicity on an application to open an online brokerage accounts, please let us know. But we have never seen any cases where this occurred.

You can buy and sell your stocks, and your trades (as of today) will not be blocked because a racist decision maker is standing in the way.

You MUST know how to invest in the stock markets.

Stock markets might be the only financially liquid market where Black Americans are allowed access the wealth of White Americans in high net worth families, big businesses, and governments, and not be subjected to race-based discrimination.

Profits from publicly traded companies aren’t exclusively shared with people of one ethnicity.

Profitable publicly traded companies share dividends with ANY shareholders, with no regard for their ethnicity.

Investing successfully requires that you get INTO a company before others pile in, and get OUT of that company before others get out.  There is no law nor subjective gatekeeper that blocks specific ethnic groups from getting into a publicly traded stock before wealthy families, big businesses, and governments choose to invest in that company…

And no law nor subjective gatekeepers block Black Americans from getting OUT of a publicly traded stock before the wealthy families, big businesses, and governments get out of that trade. If you can get in before and get out before others, you will have successfully and legally collected a small portion of the wealth owned by the entities who currently own the vast majority of the wealth.

We want to walk you through a financial plan, to show you how this is done.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

High income is not required to achieve high net worth.

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