Don’t Forget Why They Kneel

Nick’s perspective on why they kneel…

Nick says…

  1. Don’t forget WHY they kneel. It is symbolic, and has nothing to do with flags or anthems.
  2. They silently protest the pervasive injustices served to Black American men in this country.
    1. Gaps in economic access by race
      1. 100% higher unemployment.
      2. 30% lower pay when they do get offers.
      3. 50% less likely to get B2B and B2G contracts.
      4. Lower access to investment dollars.
      5. Persistently decreased access to quality loan products for home mortgages.
    2. And gaps in criminal justice by race….
  3. If anyone says they’re mad at the players, ASK: would you be mad if they kneeled in protest to the fact that Veterans don’t get enough healthcare, jobs, and respect when they come back from war???? IF THE ANSWER IS NO, then it shows their inherent racist and discriminatory bias against plight, progress, and unique challenges that persist among Black American men.


Beyond symbolic gestures, each and every American has to quietly examine their willingness to adopt a moral duty that compels them to do more to close the gaps that have persisted since the earliest days that our nation was established.

If there’s an economic gap by race and you have or your employer has $1M+ cash, FIND AND INVEST into a business owned by a skilled Black American man from a low wealth family, to use his talents.

Take a personal interest in making all of America great!

If there’s a disparity in criminal justice that bothers you,

  • Apply to work in or serve the police department,
  • ‘Apply’ to become a judge (some are voted, some are appointed),
  • Apply for work in the prisons.

JOIN the system that you seek to improve.

NFL viewership is at all time highs.

There’s talk of ratings being affected. The data suggests otherwise. Interest in the NFL couldn’t be any higher. Their united stand, if anything, has increased interest in the sport.

Likewise… while each has to evaluate their own appetite for risk, consider how you can use your position of authority and visibility, to do something – even starting with something symbolic – to make a statement that you stand against disparities.

And beyond symbolic actions, contact us with questions on how to structure investments intended to boost economic development in historically disadvantaged communities.

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