What To Buy, at Historic Lows

U.S. GDP growth – gross domestic product – is at all time lows.

A Former Fed Reserve Bank President describes how some of his economist peers say that “Longer-term prosperity is the product of innovation changes and labor force demographics.”

Essentially, GDP growth comes through creative, productive people who are getting paid to work, and solve problems.

GDP growth does not come through young people sitting in libraries for 4-12 years of their most productive years, living off of student loans.

Yes, society needs highly educated workers.

But GDP growth suffers, when the labor force chooses to exclusively ‘study’ en masse – and study ANY topic area – with no guarantees of work thereafter.

GDP growth does not come through concentrating wealth into the hands of a few rockstars who are deficient in a ‘moral code’ to redistribute that amassed wealth back to creative productive problem solvers from low-wealth families, especially those who have been historically disadvantaged and whose access to economic opportunity (employment, contracts, investments, and loans) has disproportionately been restricted.

Yes – rockstars should be rewarded, without restraint for their sacrifices and wise investments!

But GDP growth suffers when the totality of those rockstars voluntarily elect en masse to harbor and sequester and park ALL of their investment returns in places where it never can do any good for society.

pH14 Plan promotes a national strategy for improving GDP growth.

Acquire a unique perspective on financial planning to drive national economic growth and eliminate historic disparities along the way.

Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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