pH14 Plan markets the services of professional independent consultants for the following services:

  • research
  • creating customized algorithms,
  • third party management, and,
  • economic development strategy.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis Research

pH14 Investment Plan will source and staff professional consultants to provide timely technical and fundamental analysis and research. 

Fundamental analysis of companies, markets, and sectors in which analysts have deep expertise. Prominently, these markets include Small Cap businesses, Biotech and Pharma, and Healthcare.

We provide technical analysis of major markets:

– Currencies
– US and Global Indexes
– Commodities, (Agriculture, Metals, Oil)
– Sovereign debt
– Real Estate

Technical Analysis tools include: Fibonacci, Elliott Wave Theory on SPX, algorithms, and other tools.

Clients may receive alerts and technical analysis by email and telephone call, upon request. Your researcher will inform you about how prices are expected to move if they follow patterns we have identified.

Customized Algo’s

We create filters, screens, and algorithms to identify idealized patterns that historically have been useful at major turns in prices or to identify promising trends.

We’re willing and able to create those customized algorithms for you.

Third party Money Management

Per model set and used on the Interactive Brokers platform, Managing a portion of the portfolio assigned by a registered financial advisor, broker, or investment management firm.

Wealth Distribution Strategy for Economic Development

pH14 Investment Plan leadership welcome the opportunity to work with HNW clients to review creative, unique, and feasible ideas for economic development in underserved U.S. communities.

Fee Schedule

Third party management fees are set in collaboration with a registered financial advisor.

All other consultation fees are $1,000 per day when consulting any small, economically disadvantaged business, and $4,000 daily rate for all customers who can not certify as an economically disadvantaged businesses.

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