Let’s work together.

pH14 Plan markets the services of independent consultants who provide the following services:

  1. Customized research, screens, filters, and training,
  2. Third party management,
  3. Economic development strategy, and,
  4. Lectures.

Customized Screens, Filters, Research, and Training

We will identify relative strength in the sectors of your choice to find strong price movements on long term charts.

We build and backtest customized filters and screens that may optimize entry.

We can provide a list of robotic trading technologies available for investors, and we can integrate the customized algo’s into your robotic trading platform.

We provide training on these topics.

Third party Money Management

Investing other people’s money is a highly regulated business activity with restrictions set by governments. Per model set and used on the Interactive Brokers platform, pH14 Plan staff can manage a portion of your portfolio assigned to a registered financial advisor, broker, or investment management firm.

Philanthropic Investing Strategy for Economic Development

Are you interested in the possibility of eliminating poverty? pH14 Investment Plan leadership welcome the opportunity to work with businesses — for profit, not for profit, universities, foundations, etc — to review both best practices and emerging best practices for economic development in underserved U.S. communities.


Let’s review recent authorship together.

pH14 Plan staff love talking with classrooms of young people from economically disadvantaged families, and audiences of their parents.

Services are available to members, who are executives of US businesses, small and large. 


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