Author’s Resume

May 12, 2012-Present, INDEPENDENT SCIENTIST, MBO Partners, Inc.
Full time, 40+ hours/week
In this role, I evaluate, develop, and manage programs, policies, and products for businesses and government agencies with a focus on health and wealth disparities.

Key Accomplishment: I’ve developed products and projects valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, to improve the quality of health for different patient groups: children in foster care, law enforcement officers, Veterans, Medicaid beneficiaries, and others.

2008-2018, HEALTHCARE ANALYST, Pro Bono consulting
Part time
I work on government advisory boards advising on health policy and programs, I mentor students, and voluntarily use clinical skills at hospitals, pharmacies, and nursing homes.

2009-2011, PHARMACY STAFF, Rite Aid Pharmacies, DC
Part time
Worked at 10+ pharmacies in DC and MD, consulting patients on pharmacotherapy.

2005-2007, RESEARCH SCIENTIST, at GlaxoSmithKline, Durham, NC
Full time summer internship, then full time 18-month contract

1999-2005, SCIENTIST, grant funded by HHS NIH and the State of NC
Part time funded by NIH MBRS grants, at JCSU and UNCC
Full time funded by the State of NC, at NCCU

1999-2006, TUTOR + MENTOR, at JCSU + NCCU, Durham, NC
Part time

– Doctorate Degree, 2012, Howard University, DC
– Master’s Degree, 2006, North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC
– Bachelor’s Degree, 2003, Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC
– H.S. Diploma, 2000, Z. B. Vance High School, Charlotte, NC