Mentoring Works (until it doesn’t)

A group of intellectuals came together from Harvard, Stanford, London School of Economics, the US Federal government, and MIT to put their heads together to study what contributes to the probability of someone becoming an inventor and an “Einstein”.

Morality + Economics = Synergistic Impact

Divinity School graduates are thinking about how to create ‘good’ communities, sustainable investing, and moral leadership in economics.

Investing in Two Companies Over Last 35 years = $139M

If you had invested $18k yearly into these 2 companies over the last 35 years, today you would have $139 million dollars.

Will You Perpetuate Wealth Concentration?

There’s no reason to demonize inheritances. However, nothing about LARGE inheritances is right or righteous.

Can You Afford to Wait for Inclusion?

“Inclusion” is obviously a hot topic.