“Peak Philanthropy” and Other Contributors to the Great Migration

Philanthropists of the 19th century may have single-handedly increased median income and wealth among the poorest quartile of American households and did more to close sociological wealth gaps, by financing major events and institutions impacting the progress and history of the American slave and their descendants.

Mentoring Works (until it doesn’t)

A group of intellectuals came together from Harvard, Stanford, London School of Economics, the US Federal government, and MIT to put their heads together to study what contributes to the probability of someone becoming an inventor and an “Einstein”.

View the 2017 Performance of pH14 Plan Filter Results

The self-managed 401(k) is the most common retirement plan provided by the majority of American employers, and IRA for low-income households who seek additional retirement planning advantages.

Will You Perpetuate Wealth Concentration?

There’s no reason to demonize inheritances. However, nothing about LARGE inheritances is right or righteous.

How to Be Perfect

What does it mean to be perfect?