Stock Market Filters and Screens

There are over ten thousand publicly traded companies and other assets for sale, and 250+ days a year to buy them. That’s virtually, an unlimited combination of opportunities to make mistakes, stacking odds against the 75 million employees given a 401(k) plan to self-manage and direct.

In spite of the odds, there have been success stories for long term investors.

  • Coca Cola’s price achieved 21X growth over 12 years (29% annual ROI) starting around 1986.
  • Apple’s price achieved 58X growth over 10 years (50% annual ROI) starting around 2003.
  • Microsoft’s price achieved 55X growth over 9 years (55% annual ROI) starting around 1991.


Can you develop your own strategy to find strong price movements, like what we saw with Coca Cola, Apple, and other prices over the last 40 years, and determine on which days throughout the year investors may have a higher likelihood of success?

pH14 Plan Staff are identifying strategies to find strong price movements, and building and backtesting stock market filters and screens, to setup nightly emailed alerts for when historical patterns re-appear.  
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The intended aim in constructing the pH14 Plan filters is to –

  • identify patterns that display with higher frequency
  • with higher 1 month gains
  • and with decreased draw downs.

Members have access to variations of the coding scripts we have constructed, with video instructions on the strategy that we’ve designed to achieve the results.

In 2017, the pH14 Plan strategy was able to 1) identify a short list of 4-5 prices to watch, and 2) backtest the strategy to achieve 30%+ gains within a month, with minimal drawdowns, and 100% of the alerts had ‘gains’ by the end of the first month.

You and your financial advisers should each register on the website. Critique this approach to the 401k. Backtest it yourselves. Because the model is imperfect, make continuous improvements to achieve desired results in years to come.

On backtest, here are the 2017 results of a couple pH14 Plan filters and the emailed alerts…

Filter Results: Over 30% Median Gains at 1 Month

Active members have access to the underlying code for the filter.
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In the past year, 100% of the 5 results of this single filter, have been profitable within 1 month. A set of alerts in May, and a couple in Sept.

Max draw down reported at -0.17%. Median gains within a month, > 30%.

Obviously past performance isn’t indicative of future results. You can lose all your money in the stock market. Our investment objective may not be your objectives. See other conditions.

But we’re delighted to see that the methodologies and strategies we have developed might help to manage the inherent risk associated with investing.

Filter Results: Less Than 1% Drawdown within First Month

Don’t want to see so many alerts? No problem. We’ve constructed filters and screens that display less frequently in the past year.

Active members have access to the underlying code for this filter.
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In the past year, this filter displayed an alert only twice, and both produced gains over 20% within a month, with negligible drawdowns. One in April, another in August.

Filter Results: Eleven Gains and Zero Losses at 1 Month

What if you wanted to see potentially a higher volume of alerts throughout the year, here are the results of a 3rd filter we built.

  • Max draw down of 2.7%.
  • Highest 1 month ROI of 45%.
  • Gains = 11
  • Loss = 0

Members have access to the script.

 Active members have access to the underlying code and broader strategy that produces each of the filter results displayed in this post.
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