Research Areas Underfunded by Federal Tax Dollars

Federal funding is heavily weighted towards HIV, malnutrition, and diabetes.

What is under funded?

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Earn THREE Times More Yearly Than the TOTAL Cost of College

The College Scorecard is a neat tool from the Department of Education.

You can filter out schools to find the top schools.

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The US Treasury Requires Your Service

The annual report of the US Treasury was recently published. It’s a financial report, written from the perspective of a treasurer (go figure).

A few big take aways…

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The Danger of Confirming with Friends

“Well… are YOU doing it?”

Ahh… Those famous words from people who are seeking some validity, comfort, and assurance that information being shared is reputable.

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“Oh, But That’s Tax Deductible”

Those famous words, when someone gets exited about being able to buy a new car, or maxing out on their mortgage interest deduction, or taking friends out for dinner with hopes they’ll become business customers, or charitable giving…

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