Will You Perpetuate Wealth Concentration?

There’s no reason to demonize inheritances.

However, nothing about LARGE inheritances is right or righteous.

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How to Be Perfect

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Can You Afford to Wait for Inclusion?

“Inclusion” is obviously a hot topic.

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What To Buy, at Historic Lows

U.S. GDP growth – gross domestic product – is at all time lows.

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Comparative Yield of Businesses Owned by Economically Disadvantaged People

There are hundreds of indicators the World Bank uses to measure economic robustness. Of those, they are pretty much broken down into three areas. Simply, economics measures what people do with their land, their technology, and their people.

Invest into small Black American businesses, and the macro-economic impact and return on your investment will arguably be greater than investments into other businesses.

We review the impact that civil unrest has on municipal homicide rates, and how investments into Black owned businesses reduce the degree to which homicide rises after civil unrest.

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