Options John Schnatter Might Consider

Every few years, an ultra-HNW American gets caught saying something on a ‘hot mic’ they shouldn’t have said.

Psychological Implications of Taxation

City leaders across the U.S. are wrestling with how to manage rising homelessness and poverty.

Sponsor Economic Development AMIDST Bias

Economists and journalists alike, are having a field day playing with the data on wealth disparities.

The US Treasury Requires Your Service

The annual report of the US Treasury was recently published. It’s a financial report, written from the perspective of a treasurer (go figure). A few big take aways…

“Peak Philanthropy” and Other Contributors to the Great Migration

Philanthropists of the 19th century may have single-handedly increased median income and wealth among the poorest quartile of American households and did more to close sociological wealth gaps, by financing major events and institutions impacting the progress and history of the American slave and their descendants.