200%+ Gains from Natural Gas 2015 Breakdown

Described numerous times throughout early 2015 that natural gas was taking a tumble.

In fact, caught the breakdown in the first month – that was back in December 2014.

Natural gas Option Trade Example

See all Natural gas posts here.  Multiple alerts over the course of the first month of breakdown. Displayed charts going back to 1991.

Like this one.

Natural Gas
Natural gas option trade example

I knew that we had entered a bear market on natural gas.

Even discussed that it was also likely being fueled by technologies like that found in solar.

Since then…

200%+ in 12 months




Any order entered in January 2015 would have been placed at a price UNDER $1.35 on this contract. Today, it is trading above $4.35.

We’re getting results in options trading.

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Author: pH14 Plan Staff

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