Big Investors Now Profit From Solar, While You’re Giddy About “Saving at the Tank”

The Big Drop In Oil and Gas

Gasoline prices have dropped and we’re all taking the scenic route to get home… Just to have a little longer joy ride through this mild winter, with much less guilt.

Prices haven’t been this low since early 2009.


Some cities have had gasoline as low as $1.60 / gallon this month.

With the fall in gasoline, natural gas prices have also fallen out of favor with investors, when viewing 24 year long charts. Brewing over the last couple years, it’s quite clear that a new trend is emerging.

Natural Gas

Utilities: Strengthened By Natural Resource Decline

Utilities companies have clearly identified how to profit from these shifts. The sector is hitting ALL TIME HIGHS, and showing no signs of weakness.

utilities lt


Impact of Oil and Gas Decline On Solar

While crude oil and natural gas are shifting, what exactly is taking place in technology-driven energy markets?  How is solar holding up compared to the natural commodities? 

solar pv

The best way to view gas prices to the solar industry, is to view the ratio of the two prices.

  • TAN is a symbol of the ETF that tracks the solar energy system industry.
  • WTIC is a symbol that tracks the price of crude oil.

The TAN-to-WTIC ratio has been in a rapid decline since over the last 6 years.  But over the last 12 months, the trend has begun to shift.

Major Solar Energy Investment Opportunities Coming Soon

Investors may be finding more opportunities in the solar sector than in natural commodities.

solar oil ratio

Much of this new interest in solar panels is due to the falling costs of solar power, as reported by the Department of Energy and White House. The falling price of utility scale solar PV projects - white house

The cost of solar panels is predicted to continue falling through this decade, which should only add to prominence and utility of solar generated energy for households nationally.

The falling cost of concentrating solar power -


Cost reductions over time will only serve to increase the use of home solar systems.

How to Invest In Solar Energy?

Improvements in technologies used for concentrating solar power, will surely decrease our dependence on oil. 

I’ll be tracking the Solar sector, watching for a potential breakout and will alert pH14 Plan members. solar



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